Styling a small space

Hi everyone!

I've received many requests for tips on how to style a small corner/space. As I've shared before, I believe that you don't need a large area or a even a dedicated room to have a beautiful space for your little ones! 

While Sophea has a dedicated playroom for me style, there were times when I had to incorporate a small corner for her in my own bedroom! This was when we were in the process of moving out and her playroom was all packed up. And this very corner is now the main image of our website! So, I hope this will help inspire you in creating a magical little corner for your little one.

1. Stick to one theme. This can be by colour or concept, but I find colour to be more aesthetically pleasing. I have created a list of collections on the website which are colour coordinated. 

2. Invest in a high-quality centerpiece. A small space/corner will allow a limited area for decoration, so it's important to choose one main item to be the key element of that space. It can be a canopy, a toy kitchen or a teepee. It can also be a little seating area like a set of desk and chairs. But it is worth considering an investment piece.

3. If furniture or toys are not in the books, wall decorations are the way to go. They can be cute little shelves or fabric wall stickers! Kids' shelves are so cute and whimsical these days that they are statement pieces on their own. And if you do not want to get into the complications of wall-paper installations, you can consider wall stickers. These fabric wall stickers are so beautiful and easy to apply and remove (mess free!) you can do it yourself! It really helps bring to life a boring empty wall.

4. Accessorize! This can be cushions, mats, mobiles, buntings... the list goes on!

5. Invest in a beautiful but discreet storage. Storage does not have to be boring! This can be a treasure box, a suitcase, a wooden box or even a cardboard box! My go-to storage is the pink house box. Yes, that's a storage box!

So, there you go. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you would like to add to the list, please do drop me a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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