Djeco Princess Dishes
Djeco Princess Dishes

Djeco Princess Dishes

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Develop intelligent minds with inquisitive hearts! This super fun construction set from Djeco brings action-reaction to a whole new level, combining Physics and Mathematical concepts with never-ending creativity and fun!

Watch as potential energy converts to kinetic energy; discover how weight affects momentum and speed; experiment with distances and spaces; and most importantly, evaluate the magic of connected moments as you witness how every existing action can cause a different reaction!

• Integrated STEAM approach to learning
• Critical thinking and logical thought
• Spatial reasoning
• Science and Mathematical intelligence
• Creativity and self-expression

A scalable and modular construction system conceptualized and designed by French inventor Jean-René Ménard, who loves experimenting with mechanical sequences that are spectacularly educational with play. Fully compatible with all other sets from Djeco's Zig N Go range for an even more ambitious and elaborate circuit!